Crypto Regs at Stake: Layton Seeks Access to Hinman Speech Docs

• Forbes journalist Dr. Roslyn Layton has filed a motion to intervene in the legal battle between Ripple Labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
• The motion seeks access to the Hinman speech documents from the court, which have immense importance for public scrutiny of crypto regulation.
• Layton argues that both the First Amendment and federal common law give the press a fundamental right to access these judicial documents.

Motion To Intervene

In an effort to prevent the SEC’s December 22 motion to seal some of the Hinman speech documents, Forbes journalist Dr. Roslyn Layton has filed a motion to intervene, seeking access to them from the court. She is represented by attorney J. Carl Cecere in this case with no financial interest in either Ripple or XRP, nor does she have any financial interest in this legal proceeding.

Importance Of Documents

Dr. Layton is a regulatory policy columnist, visiting researcher at Aalborg University and executive vice president of Strand Consulting who has written numerous articles on Forbes about the Hinman speech documents and their central role for the crypto industry. According to her petition, an extraordinary amount is at stake not just for Ripple, its execs and XRP holders but also for entire crypto industry as it will determine its future in this country due to lack of explicit regulatory guidance from SEC concerning cryptocurrencies .

Right To Access Documents

The Forbes senior contributor argues that both First Amendment and federal common law grant press a fundamental right to access these judicial documents as SEC has conceded their importance for public scrutiny of cryptocurrency regulations given by Hinman’s speech which was found opaque due to its lack of explicitness .

Ripple And Ethereum (ETH)

Accordingly Ripple Labs is facing a billion-dollar fine while Ethereum (ETH) has been declared outside SEC’s jurisdiction causing inconsistency between two major cryptocurrencies prescribing need of releasing Hinman documents even more especially when it comes down on Ripple’s case .


All eyes are now on Judge Analisa Torres‘ decision while Dr Roslyn Laytons’ motion could have potential massive impact on US securities regulation concerning cryptocurrencies if granted access thus allowing us all wait curiously till we find out what would be outcome of this legal dispute .

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