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Litecoin Surpasses Ethereum in Unique Addresses, Sign of Rapid Adoption

• Litecoin has recently surpassed Ethereum in the total number of unique addresses involved in at least one transaction on the chain. • This is an indicator from the on-chain analytics firm Glassnode that measures the total number of unique … Weiterlesen

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Massive Profit-Taking Could End Crypto Mini-Bull Run

• Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) prices have crossed pre-FTX crash levels and are currently rallying in the market. • However, Santiment data revealed that there is massive profit-taking happening across the two largest cryptocurrencies. • This could have severe … Weiterlesen

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: Altcoins Surge in 2021: January Effect Fuels Crypto Recovery

• Altcoins have surged in the last week, with GALA and Lido DAO leading the charge with 138% and 61% gains respectively. • This surge could be attributed to a phenomenon called the ‚January effect‘, a calendar effect that occurs … Weiterlesen

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Gala Games Acquires Ember Entertainment, GALA Token Soars

• Gala Games announced the acquisition of Ember Entertainment, known for its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Walking Dead: Empires. • Gala Games also announced that its flagship game Townstar will switch to using GALA tokens in its ecosystem. • … Weiterlesen

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Nepal Bans Cryptocurrency Services, Threatens Legal Action

• Nepal’s telco regulators have ordered internet service providers to ban all cryptocurrency-related services. • The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has threatened to take legal action against any entity that does not follow the orders. • Early last year, the … Weiterlesen

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Crypto Bull Market: BTC Breaks $17K Resistance Despite CryptoCapo’s Bearish Outlook

• Bitcoin and Ethereum are experiencing a surge in prices, with BTC breaking past the $17,000 resistance level. • Crypto expert CryptoCapo believes the current market rise is likely a bull trap, where traders purchase an asset that breaches a … Weiterlesen

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Wyre Imposes Limits on Withdrawals Amid Crypto Winter

• Wyre, a California-based crypto payment channel, has imposed limits on withdrawals for all users in light of the crypto-winter casualties. • The platform allows cashing out of 90% of a user’s funds, with daily transaction limits imposed too. • … Weiterlesen

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Alles was Sie über Programmiersprachen für DApps wissen müssen

Die Entwicklung von DApps (Decentralized Applications) ist eines der heißesten Themen in der Blockchain-Branche. DApps bieten eine dezentralisierte Möglichkeit, Anwendungen zu erstellen, die nicht von einer einzelnen Partei kontrolliert werden. Obwohl es eine Reihe von Technologien gibt, die zur Entwicklung … Weiterlesen

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Cómo Utilizar Órdenes de Stop-Loss

Las órdenes de Stop-Loss se han convertido en una herramienta fundamental para los operadores de Forex y otros mercados financieros. Esta herramienta permite al operador establecer una pérdida límite antes de que el comercio se cierre, evitando así pérdidas mayores. … Weiterlesen

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Trading offer at Bitcode AI: Portfolio Evaluation

The exchange effortlessly passes the test in terms of trading offer. Traders can access the most significant coins with the largest market capitalization and trade them against each other, while the lesser-known cryptocurrencies also offered can be exchanged for Bitcoin … Weiterlesen

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